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Enjoy 40% discount on all treatments of Thailand and Bali and more others in the best SPA in town.

Separate yourself from the stresses of modern life, and indulge in the exotic. A haven within the Hormuz Grand, guests can indulge the senses and invigorate both the body and mind. Specialising in the treatments of Thailand and Bali, iSpa will help to rejuvenate and refresh the body and soul. For those needing to regain focus, the fitness suite is fitted with high specification equipment, perfect for those in training or needing an escape. Take time to relax and swim in tranquillity.

• The offer is available for all Visa card holders residing in the CEMEA region 19/09/2016 to 31/8/2017.

• Offer is available from 10:00am till 02:00pm from Sunday to Thursday.

• Prior booking is required.

• Offer can't be combined with any other promotion.

Pay with your Visa card to get this exciting offer.

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